Response to Books vs Kindle’s

I found it very interesting to see Laura pick up on the fact that we are turning away from the traditional books and using electronic media such as kindles, ipads and ereaders to read.

It reminds me of a conversation I had with my Uncle.

He said that he loves nothing more than going to a second hand book store and buying a book that has ‘that smell’ and has someone’s name in the front cover. He questions, who has read this book before me? Where has this book been?

We cannot get that same experience when using electronic media to read books.

I think it is a fair assumption that one day books will be a thing of the past. Take video rental stores for example – one down the road from us closed this week. We now do not have a Video Ezy in my town.

Will our town libraries be a thing of the past also? Most probably, but I hope not in my lifetime.

I personally love reading a hard cover book. I, like Laura, love turning the pages. I have a kindle, av lab and ipad. Nothing beats reading a book.

Interesting¬† food for thought that’s for sure.



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